Staying near Glastonbury

For many of the visitors to our self-catering cottages, Glastonbury is high on the must-visit list.

The historic town has a unique atmosphere, a reputation for mystery and many very individual and interesting shops, cafes and bars to explore.

We are right outside Glastonbury – you can even see the famous Tor from our grounds – and our holiday cottages are ideally situated for visiting the town and the Vale of Avalon.

Things to see and do in Glastonbury include:

Visit the Chalice Well

According to legend, the well has healing properties derived from the spring which feeds it running from Glastonbury Tor, the burial place of the Holy Grail.

We can't verify that, but what we do know is that the Chalice Well Gardens are a beautiful spot in which to relax and soak up the special atmosphere of Glastonbury.

Visit the Tor

No visit to Lower Withial Farm Cottages would be complete without seeing the world famous Glastonbury Tor. Steeped in legend – from King Arthur to the Holy Grail, it also gives wonderful views over the Vale of Avalon.

Glastonbury Abbey

A beautiful ruined abbey set in landscaped gardens at the heart of Glastonbury town.

The shops and cafes

Glastonbury has an atmosphere like no other, and this is reflected in cafes and shops of the sort you just won’t find anywhere else. Wandering around the town centre, people-watching or shopping is a great way to experience Glastonbury.



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